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How to request "JLPT Certificate of Results and Scores"

If you need certificates to submit to schools and companies, etc., please send the following items to the JLPT Application Center.
  a photo copy of the "Test Result" or "Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency"
  *If you have lost it, you may write down the year you took the test on a photocopy of your passport: page showing your name and birthday.

Request form for “JLPT Certificate of Result and Scores” for those who took the test in Japan (Print this out to use.) or a memo outlining mailing address, telephone number and the number of copies that you need.

  Handling fee (by postal money order) *Bank money orders and checks are not accepted.
  Residents in Japan:1,000 yen per copy by postal money order
                      *If you wish an express service, please pay additional 500 yen.

Residents overseas:1,000 yen per copy by Int’l postal money order and additional 1,000 yen for              EMS by Int’l postal money order.
             No other shipping option is available.
            Ex) If you need 1 copy, please send 2,000 yen int’l postal money order.
                 If 2 copies, please send 3,000 yen int’l postal money order.
                 If 3 copies, please send 4,000 yen int’l postal money order.

Send it to : JLPT Application Center 100-0003
----------Palace-side Building 6F, 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Inquiries:   TEL : 03-6686-2974 / FAX : 03-6845-2544
----------Please make sure to dial our number correctly if you are calling us.  

*If urgent, deposit the fee into postal account below, send (1), (2) and the receipt of money deposit by fax. We will mail out on the same day.
Meguro Komaba post office --- Account name: JLPT --- Account No.: 00120-3-577728
Address of the post office: Meguro-Komaba Post Office 1-9-6 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0041, Japan

*If you took the test overseas, see this site for the information.

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